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Here's How To Write For Us

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  • Great with grammar
  • Knowledge of content marketing & SEO
  • Reliable and able to meet deadlines
  • A verified PayPal account
  • A real passion for writing
  • A native English speaker
  • Over the age of 18
  • Excellent research skills
It's as easy as ABC

Here's how it works...


Acquire gigs

The Content Panel uses machine learning and AI algorithms to match our clients with the perfect writers. All you have to do is select a job that our “Panel Brain” AI has pre-approved you for from the job board.

Unlike other platforms, when you claim a job with us, it’s yours, you’re not competing with other writers.

We only ever allow one writer to work on a job at a time.


Begin your research

Once you’ve selected a job, it’s time to start your research. Our writers have a hard-earned reputation for creating captivating content that’s “all killer, no filler” and we’ll be expecting the same from you.

If that sounds like a lot of pressure, then don’t worry. Our AI is pretty darn good at matching the right jobs with the right writers, and you’re always in complete control over the gigs you claim and work on.


Create your content

Once you know what you’re writing about, it’s time to create your captivating content.

Each gig has a predetermined word count, and the longer the post is, the more you’ll earn. Our shortest posts are 300 words, which is roughly 2 thirds of a Microsoft word page. We’ll pay you $12 for a 300-word post, and if surge pricing is in effect (when demand for writers is high) we increase the payout by up to 50%.

Keep the quality high, and be sure to triple check for typos when proofreading, clients will only accept posts that meet the high standards they quite rightly expect from us.


Deliver on deadline

Most posts will have a deadline of 72 hours from when you claimed the job (it’ll never be shorter than this).

However, the quicker you submit your work, the more love our Panel Brain AI ranking system will give you in the future – which means you’ll be eligible for a larger number of higher paying jobs.

Just remember that quality is our first, second, and third priority, so don’t rush a post to submit it quicker.


Enact any edits

From time to time clients will love the work you’ve submitted, but they may want a few little tweaks to your content to make it perfect.

We’ll let you know if a client has requested any edits or amendments. You’ll usually have between 3 to 4 days to action them.

Again, the quicker you action amendments, the more love you’re going to get from Panel Brain, which means you’ll be one step closer to better, longer, higher paying jobs coming your way.


Follow your feedback

Clients get to rate all of the content that is submitted to them. When clients accept your work, they’ll give you a star rating and some feedback. Panel Brain uses this rating and feedback (alongside over 30 other ranking factors) to determine your overall suitability for future jobs.

When you first join us you’ll probably start with access to our lowest word count jobs (300 words) while Panel Brain gets to know you.

But with a few 5-star reviews under your belt, you’ll gain access to the longer form gigs that have a higher word count – and a higher price tag too.


Get paid

Now for the fun part, getting paid!

We pay all of our writers every Monday via PayPal. There’s no minimum payout threshold, and we even cover the PayPal fees.

You can earn as much as you like through our platform by taking on as many gigs as you like.

Some writers like to earn the majority of their income on The Content Panel by working several hours a day, other writers take the occasional job now and again to give the family a little treat.

Whenever and however you decide to work, you’re going to love experiencing the convenience of having complete control over your income.

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